Clongowes Union Benevolent Association

To help less fortunate members, The Union founded the Clongowes Union Benevolent Association in 1948.  It is a registered Charity (No: CHY 6441).

The main object of the Association is to provide such financial or other assistance as the Committee of the Association in its discretion shall think fit for or towards the relief of necessitous members of the Clongowes Union, or of necessitous relatives or dependents of living or deceased members of the Clongowes Union, or of necessitous current and former pupils of Clongowes Wood College or their relatives and/or partners.   The assistance can take the form of immediate financial grants or soft loans over an extended period, or it can be the provision of expert assistance or moral support at difficult times.

Illness and unemployment are probably the two biggest contributors to financial need.   While the pride of many who are genuinely in need (either for themselves or for their family members) can, on occasions, prevent help reaching to them, the Committee has a methodology whereby details of the needy stay confidential but permits help to get to where it will do most good.

We are always very grateful for assistance in identifying cases in which the Benevolent Association can play a supportive role of any kind.

If you would like to make a donation please complete one of our donation forms.

Fund Trustees Committee Members
James Lenehan Ambrose O’Sullivan,   Hon. Chairman
Laurence Shields Michael Moore,   Hon. Secretary
Tom Lane Dan O’Leary (Treasurer)
Fr. Michael Sheil, S.J., Rector
Chris Lumb
Barry Bowen
Colm Kearney
Richard McElwee
Tom Bruton
Paul Maher – Union President
Tom Lane – Union President Elect

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For further information contact:

Michael Moore,                                      tel:     086 834 0132
Hon. Secretary C.U.B.A.,                      email:  mdmoore@indigo.ie
4 Morehampton Road,
Dublin 4.