The Union Constitution states the objects of the Union to be:

  • To bring together the past students….and to encourage friendly dialogue among them by social gatherings or in any other appropriate manner:
  • To support and assist Clongowes in its activities and its objectives for its present and future advancement and development and to support and promote the aims of the Society of Jesus by, among other means, active membership of the Jesuit World Alumni Association.
  • To promote and maintain close contact between past pupils and the current pupils, the staff and the Jesuit Community in Clongowes
  • To assist Clongowes Youth Club….in its objectives and to provide, where possible, financial and other support including…the provision of the expertise of the members of the Union
  • To provide financial support to necessitous past students of Clongowes or their dependants through the Clongowes Union Benevolent Fund…
  • To support, by way of membership or in any other appropriate manner, any other association or organisation whose objects are …compatible with the foregoing objects of the Union.

In today’s society, and in the context of today’s Clongowes, it is important that the emphasis of these objects is promoted to meet the needs of the extensive alumni network in a real and tangible way. It is proposed that the focus for today’s Constitution will build from the encouragement ‘of friendly dialogue among them by social gatherings’ to the development and maintenance of a deep and comprehensive database to support today’s alumni in an ‘appropriate manner’ – and especially through networking.