Dear All !


My conscience has been at me for a while because I have failed to keep in touch with our Camino-Man for far too long ………..   but sure don’t they say that No-news = Good-news!



And so it has proved to be ! ……… I have just had a long chat with Declan on the phone – and he sounds in great form, laughing and joking as always!  He is observing fairly strict covid confinement – but has his personal “staff” dancing attendance on him – and that’s not including regular visits from his personal physio!



He was delighted to get all the CWC gossip [who isn’t?!] – and was asking a lot of news-searching questions. I gave him a good idea of how well/fortunate we have been in our pandemic struggles – and of the great sense of common purpose which prevails in spite of all the uncertainty and some confusion – and I gave him all-the-news-that’s-fit-to-print, as it were. He was asking specially after those who have been-in-the-wars – and delighted to get good news on all fronts.



I told him that he is an inspiration to us all – and he just HAS to keep caminoing on  ONwards & UPwards …. and we’ll try to follow. It was a really super phone-call to have with him – and let’s hope that the coming of spring will put-one-in-his-step [if you pardon the pun!]



Fraternal blessings to you all – as we follow Declan ONwards & UPwards ourselves !