Branches / Representatives


Contact Details: Dr Richard Flood (’76)

Great Britain

Contact Details: Ronan Gallagher (’02) +44 787 2163965
Ed Collins
Iain O’Rourke
Conor McVeigh
Ross Finnegan

U.S.A and Canada

Karl Finegan OC’89 , New York

Harley Griffiths OC’66,  New York area

Ken Hanly OC’79,  New England

Alex Mann OC’07, San Francisco / West Coast

Mark Nicholson OC’ 12, New York

Patrick Hourihane OC ’88,  Mid West

Paul McGoldrick OC’ 87, Texas/ Southern States

Mark Burke OC’66 , Canada

Please contact the Union for contact details at


Hong Kong

Contact Details : Ciaran Hussey, James Meenan

Central Europe

Contact Details: Joseph Deignan (’88)


Junior Branch

Contact Details: Tom Kelly
Tommy Browne

Please get in touch if you would like to become a representative