Past Reunions

The Class of ’73 reunited after 40 years on September 27/28 in Kinsale to the accompaniment of Billy Crosbie on piano and serenaded by Frank Sinatra (alias Tom O’Kelly).

A little over two cases of the '73 vintage

A little over two cases of the ’73 vintage


Twenty six made the main dinner, with apologies from another 10 who had conflicts that weekend. The highlights were the return of Peter Kraus from Canada (for most, the first sighting in 40 years), the news that one of our number, believed departed this world, had been seen recently in Dublin, the rumour that another was serving life in a French prison, while yet another, William Sargent, who had made it to Kinsale, had been made a Knight of the realm! Take a bow Sir William.

We clearly had an eclectic mix in the year!

The consensus after the weekend  was that as we age we mellow,  and that the quality of the conversation and engagement improves with time….