Alberto Hurtado Programme

The Alberto Hurtado Programme (AHP)  offers full bursary support for the six-year period  in Clongowes. There are up to seven places available in each year.

 The Programme offers access to a distinctly Jesuit education which has the following characteristics: 

·    the cura personalis (a quality of care for the person that is based on Gospel values),

·    emphasis on community  (the rationale for seven-day boarding) 

·    a clearly articulated  Catholic ethos (Catholic in its broad sense)

All three features relate to one fundamental objective:

To create an environment in which a boy can be affirmed and allowed to grow to his full potential, always aware that his gifts are available in service to others. The school aspires to create, in the words of Fr. Pedro Arrupe S.J., “Men for Others”. 

Since the intention is to create a more diverse community in the college applications are sought from families that would not normally consider boarding school or private education to be an option.

Potential candidates need to  have a strong sense of self  to avail of this opportunity. Their parents also need to be willing to support their son’s decision and be prepared for the challenges involved.

There are currently forty  bursary students in the school . They come from almost every county in Ireland; some came to Ireland in recent years from other countries and continents. We welcome diversity as an enriching feature of our college.


 (a) Eligibility :

Boys attending designated disadvantaged schools/living in disadvantaged areas.  Little or no history of education in family.  Other circumstances that might prevent the boy from achieving his potential in a local day school.

The definition of eligibility is deliberately vague. Disadvantage comes in many guises. However, the selection committee strives to prioritise students according to need rather than academic ability. This is not a scholarship programme as such.

(b) Suitability:

A strong character, good social skills, adaptable to boarding school life, capable of coping with academic standards (not necessarily gifted). The selection committee must be confident that the boy will thrive and be happy in the boarding school environment.


The bursary covers the fees for the six years. Where there is significant need, other expenses such as uniform, books and transport may be covered as well.